Agricultural Village ‘Klong Mahasawat’ 4 Activities

  • The Enormous Lotus Flower Pond

  • Making Thai Snack ‘Homemade Crispy Rice Cracker’

  • Riding Farm Truck

  • Visiting The Biggest Orchid Flower Farm

  • Weekend Food Market ‘Klong Lad Mayom’

This tour is designed for small groups, families with young children or teenagers, couples, friends or solo travelers who have already visited major sites in Bangkok and who looking for new activities where you have never seen by your average tourist sites or tour groups. Get ‘Off The Beaten Track’ and explore the new ‘Agricultural Village’ where you can see truly local Thai lifestyles as we are a truly agriculture country and visit one of the famous authentic Thai food market on the canal where you can enjoy various type of delicious Thai meals for lunch. This itinerary is perfect for travelers who are interesting to try authentic Thai foods. And these places are non-touristic areas, only local Thais.

REMARK - This itinerary is only provided on Saturday and Sunday


(Estimate driving distance 1 – 1.30 hours from Bangkok to the Agricultural Village, depend on your hotel location and traffic in Bangkok)

1) Agricultural Village ‘Klong Mahasawat’ More details : The local Agricultural Village ‘Klong Mahasawat’ is located outside Bangkok about 50 kilometers / 30 miles away from where there are big community of local Thais live nearby the river canals. They produce a varuious type of local products such as flowers, fruits, rice etc. and either sell these products to Bangkok or export to western countries. Welcome to join our local Thai agricultural village and enjoy this tour by taking local boat ride takes to do these 4 different fun visiting & activities 1) The enormous lotus flower pond 2) Making Thai snack ‘homemade crispy rice cracker’ 3) Riding farm truck 4) Visiting the biggest rrchid flower farm - Estimate take time approximately 2 – 2.30 hours.

1.1) The Enormous Lotus Flower Pond: Take a paddle boat about 15-20 minutes and enjoy the amazing scenery and photogenic landscapes of the massive pond where is surrounding many beautiful lotus flowers. The owner of the lotus flower pond usually harvest these lotus flowers 3-4 times a week, collect more than 2000 lotus flowers on each day and sell them at a wholesale price to the seller at the Flower Market in Bangkok. Thais use lotus flowers as an offering to Buddhist temples daily.

1.2) Making Thai Snack ‘Homemade Crispy Rice Cracker’: Learn quick homemade class 20 minutes how to make rice cracker by deep-fried dry rice cracker and add many delicious topping on your choice. Taste your delicious rice crackers.

1.3) Riding Farm Truck: Explore the local fruit farms and rice field by riding the fun farm truck about 10 minutes. The farm owner uses this farm truck to harvest the fruits such as grapefruits, bananas, mangoes, coconuts, and rice etc.all year round. Have fun and exciting enjoy how he controls and rides the farm truck with his unique skills.

1.4) Visiting The Biggest Orchid Flower Farm: Visit the orchid farm where local Thais produce various type of orchid flowers and sell these flowers to the seller at the flower market in Bangkok or export to many western countries. You will surprise how cheap of all orchid flowers because of Thais use the orchid flower as an offering to Buddhist, Hindu temples or spirit houses daily. If you like flowers, you will enjoy walking and taking many photos of these beautiful orchid flowers at the massage orchid flower farm lands.

(Estimate driving distance 40 minutes from the Agricultural Village to ‘Klong Ladmayom’ Food Market)

2) ‘Klong Ladmayom’ Food Market : 1 – 2 hours enjoy spending lunch time and walk at the local ‘Klong Ladmayom’ Food Market where local Thais usually cook and sell Thai foods&snacks by their own unique recipes as a part-time job on the weekend. This market is located about 30 Kilometers / 18 miles outside Bangkok. Enjoy meals with delicious various type of Thai cuisines and snacks and sitting down at bamboo tables&benches along the breezy canal. (Recommended Thai foods: smoked fish serve with fresh vegetables and seafood sauce, hot smoked ribs marinate with honey, delicious grill chicken, papaya salad, noodles, crispy rice crackers etc.) Local Thais who lived near by this market or Bangkok are always like to go to this market on the weekend to spend time and eat with their family, also they like to buy local ingredients, foods and seasonal fruits. 

(Estimate driving distance 1 – 1.30 hours back to Bangkok) 


Using a private van with air-condition on tour:

     The private commuter van is highly recommended for an easy and relaxing way to travel around Bangkok. It’s very comfortable with air-conditioning to keep you cool in Bangkok’s high temperatures and high humidity. Average temps in Bangkok 29-38C/85-100F with high humidity 70-90%. We will provide all refreshments such as cold waters, cold towels, and umbrellas on all trips.

     On tour, the approximate walking distance to anticipate is 2 – 4 kilometers / 1 – 3 miles. The boat riding takes approximately time 2 – 2.30 hours. The approximate driving distance from Bangkok to the Agricultural Village ‘Klong Mahasawat’ and ‘Klong Ladmayom’ Food Market are 1.30 – 2 hours on each way.

     The tour uses an Air-Conditioned Minivan for easy transportation. This is suitable for large groups of friends, families with young children or who may not get used to the high temperatures and high humidity in Bangkok. Anyone who is unable to walk long distances on tour and also for those who might be tired from jetlag or long flights the day before your tour begins.


Private Tour 1 Person | 10000 THB Per Person

Private Tour 2 Persons | 5300 THB Per Person

Private Tour 3 Persons | 4100 THB Per Person

Private Tour 4 Persons | 3500 THB Per Person

Private Tour 5 Persons | 3200 THB Per Person


1) Activity

- Local speed boat at the Agricultural Village ‘Klong Mahasawat’ for 2 – 2.30 hours. 1 boat can be maximum 4 persons depending on the weighs and body sizes of your group. If your group is more than 4 persons, the group might be separate 2 boats.

- The 4 platforms fee to support local Agriculture Village : 1) Take paddle boat 15-20 minutes at the enormous lotus flower pond 2) The class of making Thai snack ‘Homemade Crispy Rice Cracker’ 20 minute 3) The farm truck ride at the local fruit farms and rice field 10 minutes. 4) Visit orchid farm.

2) Licensed English Speaking Guide

3) Private Van Commuter: Air-Conditioned with professional licensed driver + Refreshments (cold waters and cold towels) + Fuel + Tolls + Parking fees

4) Travel accident insurance (Require passport details)

Not Included

1) Lunch per person costs approximately 100-300 THB per person for local restaurants

2) (If the tour takes longer than 8 hours) Overtime after 8 hours for tour guide and driver are 600 THB per hour per group


1. The private group more than 5 persons, please contact me.

2. I only arrange a private group tour of couples, family with children or teenager(s), group of friend(s), co-worker(s). I do not arrange a join group tour.


  • This tour is only provided for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) because of ‘Klong Ladmayom’ Food Market is only opened on the weekend at 8am-4pm.

  • This tour may not suit for Vegan requirement person, Because of 90% of the authentic Thai foods at ‘Klong Ladmayom’ Food Market are not vegan. You can enjoy local fruits or salad.

Terms & Conditions

  • After checking the tour availability and other details, the confirmation tour requires a deposit of 50 USD per group. Without a deposit payment, there is no reservation or confirmation for a tour. The deposit is non-refundable. I usually have 18 - 25 booking days on each month. I only work by myself without other tour guides and my schedule tour is usually booked very fast. I would recommend you make the reservation in advance.

  • The confirmation tour booking is first come first serve. After I receive the deposit, I will send you the confirmation tour and details of the balance payment on your tour again.

  • The list on the itinerary is 8 hours tour standard charged. If your tour is not finished within 8 hours, still the same charge.

  • This is pre-planned tour: If you decide to end the tour early or skip some of the activities, the tour rate remains the same, as this is a pre-planned guided tour.

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