My name is Mandy - A full-time licensed English speaking professional tour guide with experience over 6 years.

I was born, raised and currently living in Bangkok. l am very knowledgeable about the attractions in Thailand especially for Bangkok and the surrounding areas. l can help to explain the differences relation between Thai culture and other cultures.

I can adapt the tour style to any type of tour group needs such as a couple, a family with children or teenagers, a group of friends, co-worker or solo traveler.

l will do my best to ensure that all my customers have a safe, comfortable and stress-free tour. I create many different itineraries for your selection which include the major sites such as temples, markets, cultures, Thai foods etc. I would like to make sure that you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the amazing things all day tour.

Every day - My goal on tour is wishing my customers would enjoy and learn about Thai cultures, Thai people, foods, attractions, and etc. by having a great fun experience to visit Bangkok. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I can be flexible on the tours and I can try my best to accommodate your request.







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Please check my availability by filling your request tour in the contact form here or email me at and I will check my availability within 12-48 hours. I will reply as fast as possible. My Phone number is (+66)865080268

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Height below 120 Cm. / 4 Ft. In Thailand, child temple entry fee is based on height, not age. The child height below 120 Cm. / 4 Ft. is considered as a child (free) entry in all Palaces and Temples. On tour, the fee will be charged as an adult price for all child is taller than 120 Cm/ 4 Ft.
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After I reply you my availability on your request tour date, I would recommend making reservation in advance because of usually I receive many emails each day, each with requests for tour date availability and booking requests. Please understand that until a deposit payment is made I am unable to guarantee the date of your inquiry will still be available. Once a deposit is received, your booking date is confirmed and guaranteed. I will send you a confirmation tour and other details to your email. For all contacts calling by phone, I apologize in advance that most of the time I would not pick up the phone because of I don’t want to interrupt my customers during the tour time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I only do a private tour for a private group of couples, family with children or teenager(s), group of friend(s), partner(s), co-worker(s), solo traveler (male/female) or people who from the same group/work company. I do not do join a group tour.

For travels agentsI do not organize tours via third parties or travel agents. Because of usually I have fully booked all year round from my customers who contact directly to me in average 26-28 touring days in a month. Thank you very much for your understanding.

For all contacts calling by phone, I apologize in advance that most of the time I would not pick up the phone because of I don’t want to interrupt my customers during the tour time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I do not provide tours relating to any aspects of sex-tourismPlease do not ask.  


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