'Damnoen Saduak' Floating Market 2019 - Is this a great Floating Market?

The unique experience of Floating Market where you can do all activities on the boat such as buy, sell, eat and cook on the boat where you can’t find from anywhere else. You will see many boat vendors cook their local foods or sell many things on the paddle boat such as fresh coconut water, delicious coconut ice cream, mango with sticky rice, noodles, BBQ pork skewers, tropical fruits and etc.

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About Mandy - Bangkok Guide Smile 2019

Everything that you will see here has meaning behind the stories. I can give you an explanation in a quick and simple way, that you can easily understand. Your memories will be even more meaningful with a little bit of information to go along with all those amazing photos, I can help capture with my experience.

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Flower Market is not just seeing flowers, there is a secret meaning how we using them for…

When you visit the flower market, you will amaze how inexpensive prices of all these flowers are. As the climate in Thailand is strong humidity all year round, we can produce all flowers very easy and affordable prices. All Thais would buy flowers almost every day to use as an offering to Buddhist, Hindu temples, spirit houses or use all special occasions.

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