Dress Code The Grand Palace &

The Emerald Buddha Temple


Dress Code The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple

For men please wear

  • Shirt with Sleeves, collar shirts or t-shirt without collar is all okay.

  • Ankle Length Pants

For women please wear

  • Shirt with Sleeves

  • Ankle Length Pants  

  • Skirt cover Knees

  • Dress cover Knees

The outfits are not permitted at the Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple

For Men are not allowed to wear

  • Tank tops or Sleeveless Shirt

  • Shorts or Capri Pants

For Women are not allowed to wear

  • Tank top or Sleeveless Shirt

  • Crop top

  • Sleeveless Shirt with a Scarf covering

  • Shorts or Capri Pants

  • Gym Pants

  • Torn Pants

The important things to visit The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha temple, please wear a shirt cover your shoulders, as well as long pants to cover your ankles, skirt or dress below your knees.

Dress code to visit all Buddhist temples in Thailand

The dress code to visit all Buddhist temples in Thailand is a little bit more flexible. But you still need to cover shoulders and knees when entering to sacred temples.

For men please wear

  • Shirt with Sleeves

  • Shorts Cover Knees or Long Pants

  • Capri Pants are okay, but not shorts above your knee lines. No tank top or sleeveless shirts please

For women please wear

  • Shirt with Sleeves

  • Shorts Cover Knees or Skirt Covering Knees but please don’t wear shorts above your knee lines

  • you are allowed to wear a scarf cover your shoulder if you have a tank top or sleeveless shirt at the temple

The important thing to visit the temples, please cover your shoulders and knees. Any inappropriate or any type of sexy outfits such as shorts above knees, tank top, and sleeveless shirt of any kinds are not permitted in all Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Weather & Tips for the outfits

You may visit many places in one day on your Bangkok trip including The Grand Palace and other temples here in Bangkok. You will want to feel comfortable going from place to place. Having the appropriate clothing is a must in our hot humid climate. The weather in Bangkok is usually estimated about 33C - 40C or 95F - 110F with 70-90% strong humidity all year rounds.

NOV - DEC - JAN - FEB Nice + Sunny + Humid / 28C - 33C / 80F - 91F

MAR - APR - MAY Summer High UV Index + Sun + Humid / 33C - 40C / 91F - 105F

JUN - JUL - AUG Tropical Rain 1-2 hours + Sunshine + Humid / 33C - 40C / 91F - 105F

SEP - OCT Tropical Rain 1-2 hours + Sometimes Monsoon + Sunshine + Humid / 33C - 40C / 91F - 105F

If your body isn’t used to heat & humidity, you might need a few days to adjust to the weather. Especially on your first arrival day after long hours flights or some jet lag.

Wearing the right kind of clothing can make a big difference on your day here, you will feel more comfortable and enjoy a day from morning to evening without getting tired or exhausted from the heat very easily.

Wear lightweight Material Clothing

I would recommend wearing breathable materials such as cotton, linen or rayon. They are the perfect material for our hot and humid weather here in Bangkok.

Do avoid wearing a sweater, jeans or any kind of thick heavy material during your time here.

Wear light Color Clothing / Avoid Dark Color Clothing

I recommend you to wear light color clothing and avoid dark color clothing. Light color clothing will help you stay cooler by repelling the sun better. Dark color clothing will absorb the heat too much and you will feel hot and uncomfortable very quickly.

If you don’t have any light color clothing or lightweight outfit on your trip, you can easily to buy comfortable clothing at The Grand Palace entrance, local stores near the temples or at the local markets. There are many option sizes with lightweight materials for an affordable price for 100 – 250 THB depend on material and style.

Don’t double layer clothing.

You may plan to visit many temples and palace in one day. I would not recommend wearing 2 layers of clothing. I see these example every day on my tour at the Grand Palace - this may cause your body to overheat for example.

  • Men wear a top layer of long pants over the shorts.

  • Women wear a thick sweater or jacket over the sleeveless shirt. Or wear a skirt below knees to cover shorts.

Try to avoid these things because you will feel very uncomfortable. It is already very warm in Bangkok and adding layers of clothing you may not enjoy the beauty of the places in front of you. You may take time about 40 minutes to 1 hour to explore on each places.

I recommend you bring the right kind of outfit and wear only 1 layer before you enter these places. You can always change once you finish visiting The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple before continue to visit other temples on that day. Wear 1 layer is better than a double layer.

Convertible Pant

Another suggestion I would recommend is a convertible pants. You can zip on and zip off anytime and anywhere on your day. They are perfect for man and woman.

Good walking shoes

Walking throughout the city of Bangkok, wearing the right shoes is highly recommended. Any kind of shoes are okay at the Grand Palace and all the temples. I personally like to wear sneakers to get ready for a lot of walk in one day. You will be surprised with how much walking you may end up doing on a sightseeing day here and having the right shoes will make your day. Avoid wearing uncomfortable walking shoes such as high heels or shoes with little to no grips, wearing these kinds of shoes are uncomfortable to walk or hurt sometimes while walking along the roads and floors that may be slippery during the rainy season.

Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Bring a hat, sunglasses and wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

The UV index here can become very high during a sunny day.


Don’t forget to bring drinking water everywhere with you and drink water as much as you can to prevent your body from dehydration or heat stroke. You can always find drinking water very easily everywhere in the city. You will have more energy to explore when your body is hydrated.

Camera phone - Fully charged battery

Don’t forget to charge the battery of your camera or phone before you start your day. You are allowed to take photo everywhere at the Grand Palace and all the temples. Although some halls, you may not be allowed to take a photo, you can recognize by the big sign at the hall entrance very easily.

Thai Baht cash on tour

The balance payment is only required THB cash on tour. I do not have a credit card swipe machine with me on/during the tours. Local shops, vendors, souvenir shops, transportation etc. are required only THB cash. You can able pay by credit card only at the restaurant and there might be 2-3% surcharged at most restaurants.

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