Dress Code Grand Palace & Temples


Dress code to visit The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple : 

  • Women require wearing a top with short sleeves shirt and long pants or skirts.

  • Men require wearing short sleeve shirts and long pants.

  • Not allowed – Wearing tight gym pants, see-through clothing, cover shoulder with scarfs, or any sexy outfits are not permitted into The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple. 

  • If you don’t have any proper dress code outfit for the Grand Palace on the tour day, there are many pants or shirt shops outside The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple where you can buy reasonable price for 100 – 250 THB depend on material and style.

  • If you have a tour to visit other temples in Bangkok or/and Ayutthaya later same day, after finish the tour at The Grand Palace& The Emerald Buddha Temple, you can change to other outfits below details. I would recommend your group bring extra lightweight outfit on tour.

Dress code to visit all Buddhist temples in Bangkok or/and Ayutthaya, please wear these outfits:

  • Women can wear short sleeves shirt or cover shoulder with scarfs and pants or skirts cover knees length.

  • Men can wear short sleeves shirt and shorts or long pants.

Clothing for Bangkok weather: The average temperature during the day is usually 33C-39C / 93F-110F and more than 80% humidity all year round. The more comfortable clothing, the more enjoyable you can stay longer all day tour and not too exhausted. I would recommend wearing light colored or lightweight material clothing on tour and AVOID double layer long pants on top of shorts to visit The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple, AVOID thick material clothing such as jeans or dark color clothing as you may feel exhausted very quickly on tour.

Shoes: Wearing sandals are allowed at the temples or/and the Grand Palace. I would recommend you to wear comfortable walking shoes as we will walk a lot for the tours average distance 6-10 kilometers / 4-6 miles depending on the itineraries. To visit temples, You require taking off your shoes and hats before entering into some buildings. Socks are okay to walk inside the buildings.

Bring extra things on tour: To prevent heat stroke, overheating or sunburn; I would recommend you bring suncream, sunglasses, medicine, hat or umbrellas etc. if you need.

Thai Baht cash on tour: The balance payment is only required THB cash on tour. I do not have a credit card swipe machine with me on/during the tours. Local shops, vendors, souvenir shops, transportation etc. are required only THB cash. You can able pay by credit card only at the restaurant and there might be 2-3% surcharged at most restaurants.

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