• Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha Temple

  • Reclining Buddha Temple ‘Wat Pho’

  • Temple of Dawn ‘Wat Arun’

  • Canal Tour ‘Klong’

  • Your select place in the afternoon

This tour is designed for small groups of families with children or teenagers, couples, friends or solo travelers who are visiting Bangkok for the first time. As a warm welcome trip to Bangkok, this itinerary brings you to all the highlighted gems of Bangkok that you shouldn’t miss such as the beautiful famous Grand Palace, Buddhist temples, rivers & canals, and the delicious authentic Thai foods. After you finish this tour, you will know Thais very well and no doubt why Thailand internationally is known as the ‘Land of smile’ people.


(Estimate driving distance 30 – 50 minutes from your hotel to temples, depend on your hotel location and traffic in Bangkok)

1) The Royal Grand Palace & 2) The Emerald Buddha Temple : Visit the current kingdom of Thailand where all Thai kings have used this palace to rule the country in ‘Absolute Monarchy’ during 1782-1932 and also used to be the private residence of the Kings and Royal families. Inside the Grand Palace, there is the most beautiful temple in Thailand ‘The Emerald Buddha Temple’ where is the most highly respected Buddha image for Thais called ‘The Emerald Buddha’. 


3) The Reclining Buddha Temple ‘Wat Pho’ : Visit the most beautiful Reclining Buddha image in Thailand - Length 46 meters / 150 feet with the beautiful gold material which was built in 1832. This temple is also regarded as the first public university in Thailand where the prescriptions of Thai traditional massage techniques are taught even to the present day. 

4) The Temple of Dawn ‘Wat Arun’ : This temple was the previous kingdom of Thailand before The Grand Palace in 1767 – 1782. This Prang Hindu Temple is decorated by porcelain - Height 67 meters / 220 feet. Climbing up on the ‘Prang - Hindu Temple‘ to see the beautiful ‘Chaopraya River’ and ‘The Grand Palace’ from the other side of the river.

5) Canal tour : Take a long tail speed boat along the canal, well known to be the “Venice of the East”. You will see local Thai-style houses, temples, spirit houses and lifestyle of Thais living nearby the canal and river.

6) Afternoon on your choice – Please feel free to select one of the recommended places below lists;

6.1) Flower Market ‘Pak Klong Talat’ More details  : Visit the biggest wholesale flower market in Thailand. You will see many different types of flowers and a variety of colors such as marigolds, orchids, roses, jasmine flowers and etc. Thais use these flowers as a daily offering to Buddhist & Hindu temples, spirit houses. Also, these flowers are often exported to many countries in the western world.

6.2) The Golden Mountain Temple ‘Wat Saket’ : Visit the famous temple on the man-made mountain. This temple is located at 100 meters / 300 feet tall with easy 344 steps where you can climb up to see the contrast views of new Bangkok and the old Bangkok. 

6.3) Chinatown : Visit Chinatown in Bangkok.  More than 14% of the Thai population is of Thai-Chinese decent. Visit the oldest part of Chinatown ‘Old Market’ where you can see a local Thai-Chinese market with hundreds of various ingredients for cooking authentic Thai-Chinese foods.

6.4) Wat Traimit ‘The Golden Buddha Temple’ : Visit the famous over 600 years old of solid Gold Buddha image statue; 5.5 tons of gold with a big value of US$1,400 per troy ounce, and estimated to be worth 250 million dollars.


Using a private van with air-conditioning on tour:

     The private commuter van is highly recommended for an easy and relaxing way to travel around Bangkok. It’s very comfortable with air-conditioning to keep you cool in Bangkok’s high temperatures and high humidity. Average temps in Bangkok 29-38C/85-100F with high humidity 70-90%. We will provide all refreshments such as cold waters, cold towels, and umbrellas on all trips.

     This Tour uses an Air-Conditioned Minivan for easy transportation. This is suitable for large groups of friends or families with young children who may not get used to continually walk with the high temperatures and high humidity in Bangkok. Anyone who is unable to walk long distances on tour and also for those who might be tired from jetlag or long flights the day before your tour begins.

    On tour, the approximate walking distance to anticipate is 6 – 8 kilometers / 4 – 5 miles on tour. The boat riding takes approximately time 40-60 minutes.


We opted for the Essential Bangkok tour. Everything was seemless. She knew exactly how much time it takes her driver to meet us and there was even a long boat waiting for us for the canal tour which wound up being a lot of fun. We can’t recommend Mandy enough. If you are looking for a guide for Bangkok - look no further.

Tracey R - California, USA

We originally thought we’d customize something, but quickly realized that Mandy’s expertise was evident in her main offerings. We’re so glad we spent the day with Mandy, who did a great job explaining Thai culture, the religious elements and stories at each site, and answered every question we had throughout the day.

Kristy R - Colorado, USA

Mandy is lovely and very well organized our two girls loved her from the first moment she met us, we did all the usual Grand Palace etc and had a great Klong boat trip which the girls loved, as well as feeding the fish!
Mandy really cares about what she does and is passionate about her City and Country, extremely well organized and makes the tour really enjoyable for all ages.

Spencer A - Essex, United Kingdom

What we did in one day with Mandy would have taken 2 days or more by ourselves. She speaks great English and explained everything as we went in a friendly smiling way. At the end of our tour she gave us a list of other things to do. All our temple tickets were included in the price. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MANDY AND HER TOURS. This was money well spent. She is awesome.

Tracy C - Christchurch, New Zealand


Private Tour 1 Person | 9900 THB Per Person

Private Tour 2 Persons | 5300 THB Per Person

Private Tour 3 Persons | 4200 THB Per Person

Private Tour 4 Persons | 3800 THB Per Person

Private Tour 5 Persons | 3400 THB Per Person


1) All temple ticket fees

- The Grand Palace and The Emerald Buddha Temple

- Wat Pho ‘The Reclining Buddha Temple’

- Wat Arun ‘The Temple of Dawn’

2) Activity

- Long tail speed boat for canal tour in Bangkok for 40-60 minutes

3) Private Van Commuter: Air-Conditioned with professional licensed driver + Refreshments (cold waters and cold towels) + Fuel + Tolls + Parking fees

4) Licensed English Speaking Guide

5) Travel accident insurance (Require passport details)

Not Included

1) Dinner per person costs approximately 100-300 THB per person for local restaurants

2) (If the tour takes longer than 8 hours) Overtime after 9 hours for tour guide is 500 THB per hour per group.

3. Pick up | Drop off | Airport Transfer - More Details


1. The private group more than 5 persons, please contact me.

2. I only arrange a private group tour of couples, family with children or teenager(s), group of friend(s), co-worker(s). I do not arrange a join group tour.

3. In Thailand, a child temple entry fee is based on height, not age. The height below 120 Cm. / 4 Ft. is considered as a child (free) entry in all Palaces and Temples. On tour, the fee will be charged as an adult price for all child is taller than 120 Cm / 4 Ft. Please confirm the height of your child below or above 120 Cm / 4 Ft. and I will send you the correct price details and etc. of your request itineraries again.


  • Dress Code to visit the Grand Palace & All Buddhist Temples in Thailand. Please click here to read full details

  • Occasionally, Some buildings in the Emerald Buddha Temple or the Royal Grand Palace will be closed for special ceremonies of the Royal Families without notice. You will be able to see the decoration outside Throne Halls.

Terms & Conditions

  • After checking the tour availability and other details, the confirmation tour requires a deposit of 50 USD per group. Without a deposit payment, there is no reservation or confirmation for a tour. The deposit is non-refundable. I usually have 18 - 25 booking days on each month. I only work by myself without other tour guides and my schedule tour is usually booked very fast. I would recommend you make the reservation in advance.

  • The confirmation tour booking is first come first serve. After I receive the deposit, I will send you the confirmation tour and details of the balance payment on your tour again.

  • The list on the itinerary is 9 hours tour standard charged. If your tour is not finished within 9 hours, still the same charge.

  • This is pre-planned tour: If you decide to end the tour early or skip some of the activities, the tour rate remains the same, as this is a pre-planned guided tour.

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