Flower Market is not just seeing flowers, there is a secret meaning how we using them for…

Flower Market Bangkok ‘Pak Khlong Talat’ 2019

Pak means mouth

Khlong Means canal

Talat means market

The market is located on the mount of the canal.

Nowadays is the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. It opens 24 hours and all flowers are sold out every day!

There are many kinds of flowers such as orchids, jasmine garlands, marigolds, roses and etc. All of these flowers are delivered from the provinces nearby Bangkok.

When you visit the flower market, you will amaze how inexpensive prices of all these flowers are. As the climate in Thailand is strong humidity all year round, we can produce all flowers very easy and affordable prices. All Thais would buy flowers almost every day to use as an offering to Buddhist, Hindu temples, spirit houses or use all special occasions.

In the evening time, all wholesalers bring in truckloads of freshly prepare flowers, while traders and retailers come to buy their stock in bulk. There is imported species such as tulips, snapdragons, iris, lisianthus, delphinium and much more. Some vendors also arrange handmade marigold bouquets, flower garlands, floral accessories for weddings or any special occasions.

I would recommend you add this Flower Market on your travel day in Bangkok tour as the location is very close to all the major sites in Bangkok of The Grand Palace & The Emerald Buddha Temple, The Reclining Buddha Temple ‘Wat Pho’, The Temple of Dawn ‘Wat Arun’.

You will fascinate and experience the round-the-clock activity and bustle of an authentic working market. You can ‘The Real Thais’ very well.

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