'Damnoen Saduak' Floating Market 2019 - Is this a great Floating Market?

‘Damnoen Saduak’ Floating Market 2019

The Original Floating Market that is still existing in Thailand.

Why is Damnoen Saduak?

‘Damnoen Saduak’ Floating Market is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand where is located in Ratchaburi Province - Southwest of Bangkok with 1.30 - 2 hours drive from Bangkok, approximately distance of 90 kilometers / 60 miles. It’s also very close to Maeklong Railway Market only 20 minutes drive - Most travelers visit both places for half day morning.

‘Damnoen’ means easy. ‘Saduak’ means the journey.

The easy journey market - The canal was built in 1866 by the purpose to connect the riverways to support transportation and trade. It took over 2 years to dig with 32 kilometers long and has more than 200 branches and it is the longest man-made canal in Thailand.

It is opened half day morning from 8 am - 12 pm. The unique experience of Floating Market where you can do all activities on the boat such as buy, sell, eat and cook on the boat where you can’t find from anywhere else. You will see many boat vendors cook their local foods or sell many things on the paddle boat such as fresh coconut water, delicious coconut ice cream, mango with sticky rice, noodles, BBQ pork skewers, tropical fruits and etc.

Why The Reviews are Mixed Up

About the ‘Damnoen Saduak‘ Floating Market?

The reviewers has reviewed this market in a positive and negative, here I found the reasons why…

1) Type of Boat: The original boat of the Floating Market is the wooden paddle boat (without roof) It’s quite an affordable price and you can enjoy the traditional way. But the boat usually paddles very slowly and bumpy with the waves. You may find a hard time to enjoy the market especially if you have to eat something on the limited space on the boat. Without a roof on top of the boat, you will feel quite hot from the sun or quite difficult movement if there is raining during the boat ride.

My tour used wooden speed-boat with roofs on top of the boat. Not only the size is bigger than the paddle boat but you will enjoy every feeling in 1 hour where the boat will take you by the motor ride along the canal where you can see many local Thai houses with the coconut and other fruit farms, enjoy the fresh breeze. After arriving at the highlight main Floating Market, the driver will paddle show you around the market where you can enjoy trying local foods on the boat. You will be in shade all the boat trip with the rood of top of the boat also protect you from the rain.

This is just my opinion - You do you - Find the best way you would enjoy.

2) How you get to the pier to take the boat at the floating market: I personally don’t want to get involved with the scam story that tourists have experienced, there are many review details you can read more about it. All I can explain that if you go by yourself you will end up pay (the surprise) higher price without other option of the boat service than the package tour as it’s already included everything. If you are forced to pay extra with other option, you will have a negative feeling already before the tour starts.

3) Expensive souvenir shops: Although there are many souvenir shops at this market, If you truly understand the theme of the Floating Market where you can do all activities on boats in this market such as buy, sell, eat, cook, etc. You will be more appreciated that local Thais try to keep the authentic story of the market. And because of the fame, the rent of every shop is quite pricey and I understand why they put the high price on those souvenirs. If you have more times in Bangkok, there are many local markets where you can buy reasonable price souvenirs such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, The third floor of MBK mall, Asiatique Night Market and etc.

I always recommend my customers to try local food there such as fresh coconut water, mango with sticky rice, coconut ice cream, noodles, BBQ pork skewers and etc. You will have fun to balance yourself on the boat while eating.

Again, if you would like to buy to eat, you enjoy. If you don’t want to buy to eat, I’m sure at least you will enjoy the fresh breeze and amaze of our boat culture at the Floating Market.

Which Floating Market You Should Visit?

If you do more researching, there are many 'Floating Market' surrounding Bangkok.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the only one where you can do all activities on the boat such as sit, eat, buy, sell, cook, take photos on the boat - The real theme of the Floating Market.

Because of the big famous word of ‘Floating Market’

There are many new markets where are located nearby the canal or river names their markets as ‘Floating Market’ But there is no activities involve with the boats. You can able only walk on the market land and try local delicious foods, fruits and etc. Nothing wrong with these markets, I personally enjoy to go myself to these markets, but the purpose to try delicious foods…not the boat ride.

So, Should You Go to ‘Damnoen Saduak’ Floating Market?

Absolutely Yes!

After the tour, I always ask my customers about the top highlight thing on tour of the day

90% of the answers always vote their favorite of the boat ride at the Floating Market.

And who doesn’t enjoy the boat ride with a cool breeze along with the farm, local houses, and market...

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